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About Us

We are the Ward’s. My name is Benjamin and my beautiful wife is Vicki. We have two beautiful children, Isaac and Moriah, and we are missionaries in Togo, West Africa. Both Vicki and I came to believe in Jesus Christ to forgive us of our sins when we were 5 years old. We are passionate about children’s ministry and we are working in West Africa to help the local church reach out to the kids in their area with the message that Jesus saves.

Ministry Objectives

In Togo, our mission has more than 50 churches. In each of these churches is a host of children, well, because 40% of the country is below the age of 14 and another 20% is between the ages of 15-24. Thats 60% of the population who are kids and adolescents. We have 3 objectives that will help us prepare passionate children’s workers, for the benefit of the local church.


Find people in each church who are passionate about kids ministry. Work with these individuals to prepare them for an effective ministry. Identify locally accessible tools they can use to make their ministry more effective.


Our History

If you’ve heard of us before, you will know that we used to be working in Ghana. Perhaps you are wondering why we keep saying that we are going back… to Togo? It’s a story I’d love to tell you sometime, but the short of it is that we felt with the gifts God has given to us, Togo seems like a better fit at this time. On the plus side, we will be living very close to Ghana and so there will be plenty of opportunities to visit and help there from time to time. One thing this does change for us is that Togo’s trade language is French, which means we have to learn it! Currently we are living in Sherbrooke, QC to study French, and if it is the Lord’s plan, we hope to be in Togo by fall of 2017.


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